AirParfum, a device that allows consumers to trial as many perfumes as they desire without saturating their nose, faithfully reproducing the Sillage of each scent.

AirParfum always uses the original fragrance thanks to a 100% physical process that does not require additional chemicals, boiling or concentrates. By keeping the original formula we can guarantee that the olfactory rendering will be accurate stable through time.

In contrast to purifiers, testers or other aerosols, AirParfum® provides a “dry”olfactive experience that does not impregnate your skin.

The fragance smell dissapears after 1-3 seconds it is sprayed*.

With Airparfum® you can smell the mix of fragrances at a given percentage to explore impossible combinations or even create your own bespoke fragrance.

Airparfum® uses purified air and is completely safe to use. It also works with a facemask on and can be integrated into a 100% touchless experience.