The Spanish Association of Fragrances and Food Flavorings, AEFAA, was founded on January 20, 1982 by a small group of companies that enthusiastically laid its foundations at that time. Today, after more than 40 years of fruitful activity, it comprises 36 national and international associated companies, which cover 86.9% of its turnover and 79.2% of employment in the sector in Spain.

AEFAA is an active member of the International Flavor and Fragrance Associations, EFFA, IOFI and IFRA, and actively participates in their bodies where the points are discussed and resolutions on technical and legislative matters that affect our sector are agreed. It also contributes with these institutions, closely and in all its aspects, in carrying out the necessary studies and documentation to guarantee the highest safety in the use of our products, both for the industry itself and for consumers in general.

Its membership in the previous International Associations and its extension in the sector make AEFAA the natural interlocutor of the Flavor and Fragrance Industry with the relevant Spanish and European Authorities. For the same reasons AEFAA officially represents the Spanish Flavor and Fragrance Industry before any other instance and wherever necessary.