A review that compiles the past 150 years of scientific and technological breakthroughs, in the field of scent on consumer packaged goods industry, has been published this September. The article shades light on how fine fragrance evolution has influenced the consumer product development. From 1870 to 2020, an innovative industry has been built, supported by the advancement in the exploration of novel molecules, methods for characterization, production procedures, and technologies for controlled fragrance release have been identified .

👉 About the review publication in the European Journal of Organic Chemistry: Industrial Fragrance Chemistry: A Brief Historical Perspective

The article is published by Franco Doro, Consultant – FD-Innov and Dr. Olivier R.P. David, Associate professor at Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines. Come next 22nd and 23rd November 2023 and meet the authors. Register to Barcelona Perfumery Congress  at www.perfumerycongress.com