The first Postgraduate in Perfumes and Fragrances, Market and Applications

The postgraduate program will begin on October 6 of this year and will last until June 7, 2024.

Beauty Cluster and IQS Executive Education launch the first recognized postgraduate program with an official university degree linked to the world of perfumery. The Postgraduate in Perfumes and Fragrances, Market and Applications is pioneering for being the only program that is taught in Spanish language and is distinguished from other trainings for being the first of long duration.

This course responds to the great and growing demand from professionals to have access to training in perfumes also in Spanish, since the most relevant studies and that delve deeper into the field of perfumery are taught in France, and therefore, in French. Therefore, the Postgraduate course is especially aimed at technical personnel in perfumery companies or in the fragrance sector; professionals who want to train and deepen their knowledge in perfumery; recent graduates in university degrees or training cycles in chemistry, biochemistry or pharmacy; and also professionals in the areas of marketing, sales or purchasing managers in perfumery companies.

The course will be held on Friday afternoons at the IQS campus in Barcelona. It will consist of 120 hours over a period of 9 months, which will begin on October 6 of this year and will last until June 7, 2024. The reason for the face-to-face training is to promote, encourage and prioritize direct contact with the professionals who will give the training, as well as with colleagues, guaranteeing a horizontal flow of communication and opinions between teachers and students. Another reason why the classroom format is ideal for this training is because the program includes visits to companies in the sector, with the aim of connecting with the reality of the industry. In addition, 10% of the 120 hours will be spent in the laboratory as a space for experimenting with what has been learned in the classroom and for olfactory practice.

The main objective of this postgraduate course is to contribute to the training of present and future professionals in the Spanish perfume industry. The function is that these studies serve to acquire a knowledge base and serve as a boost and enhance their career. The postgraduate course also offers a 360ยบ vision of the sector and the Spanish perfumery industry, to learn about its tradition and Spain’s links in the field of perfumery, as it is the second largest perfume exporter in the world. The student will be able to obtain a complete x-ray of the current situation of the sector and have access to a series of tools that will allow him/her to anticipate certain scenarios.

The training program has been co-created together with companies that are part of the Beauty Cluster and the teachers are professionals in the sector, who will provide students with real cases, experiences and will provide them with all the necessary knowledge for the field of perfumery.

The competences and skills that students will acquire once they have completed the Postgraduate Course in Perfumes and Fragrances will be:

– Identify and select the different raw materials necessary for the creation of perfumes, essences and fragrances.

– Master the standards and norms, quality control techniques, organoleptic and chromatographic control, as well as authenticity techniques.

– Make decisions as part of the technical team in charge of perfume development.

– Be able to olfactorily evaluate a market product and its performance in use according to standardized industry methods.

– Participate in the creative process with a fragrance orientation, from start to finish.

– Collaborate with departments involved in fragrance manufacturing: marketing, communication, sustainability and regulatory affairs.

– Explore fragrance applications.

– Discover and express consumer desires.

– Anticipate the evolution of the market and keep up to date with new trends, key players and professional profiles operating in the industry.

Once the course has been completed and passed and the above mentioned competences have been acquired, IQS will award the Certificate of Participation in the Postgraduate Course in Perfumes and Fragrances, Market and Applications, once the corresponding fees have been paid.

In addition, within the 9 months of the course, students will elaborate a final postgraduate project in which they will have to design a perfume. This project thus becomes the backbone of the program and is an excellent pedagogical tool (learning by doing). Once evaluated by the academic team of the program, and if it meets the competition rules, the student will be given the opportunity to participate in the Mouillette d’Argent International Competition co-organized by the Beauty Cluster.

Discover all the program information at IQS University official website.