Master Parfums is the first educational game about fragrance. Designed for adults over age 16, this game of sensory stimulation is suitable for enthusiasts and novices alike, in a family setting or with friends.

In this game of trivia and olfactory design, the sense of smell is picked apart, explained, and given the reverence it deserves so players can learn and have fun at the same time.

The goal of the game? Become the “Master” by answering perfume culture questions and rising to olfactory challenges. Each question has 3 difficulty levels so that every player can participate: amateur, connoisseur and expert. Perfume history, olfactory palette, brands, mythology, perfumes and tips: the questions touch on the entire world of perfume to deepen your knowledge.

Discover the olfactory game that brings enthusiasts and novices together around perfume culture.

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